Who is Patne55?

Patne55 HeadshotPatne55 (aka Pat Ness) is a 10+ yr Web Designer and Blog Developer!

He has helped 300+ brands build their online presence through his media company SMB Master. You can see his web portfolio here. Pat is also the Co-Founder of the media comany Digital Assault Media. Digital Assault Media (IT Division) also operates of of Vietnam and can be found in the Vietnamese language here.

Pat also has a passion for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has helped many of his clients with SEO services. He has a passion for helping people in all aspects of life and business. He is an entrepreneur at heart with a constant “get it done” mentality. He embraces challenges and sees opportunity and possibility when working with people. He has the ability to transfer someone’s thoughts and visions into reality through web design, using his creative, intuitive and innovative style that can be seen throughout his multiple projects.

He loves to share some of his thoughts about entrpreneurship and inspiration on his blog Built To Inspire.

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Although Pat is an enthusiastic, charming, carefree, fun and happy-go-lucky type, he also has an extremely focused, driven, serious side of him when it’s time to get things done. His biggest joy and satisfaction comes from spending time with his family and friends, making people happy, inspiring others and spreading good vibes everywhere.

Pat’s latest project is Build a Blog School. Build a blog School teaches people for free, ‘how to build a blog and automate an income online’. He is conducting live seminars all over Canada currently and is also rapidly building an online community of people looking to build a blog business as well.

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